In my “What We Ate” posts each week I’ll share some of the recipes we ate for dinner the previous week. I love to get inspiration from what other families are eating so I thought it might be helpful to some of you. Please leave a comment if you have questions about any of these recipes. And if you know of a recipe that you think we might like please share it with me!

***Pita Sandwiches

what we ate

  • We had a church-wide picnic tonight so we packed pita sandwiches, carrots, fruit, and organic blue corn chips with salsa.
  • I used my panini press to warm the sandwiches and wrapped them in foil to keep them warm.  They were great!

***Fiesta Chicken Taco and Taco Salad Night

what we ate

  • We had tacos/taco salad with the crockpot fiesta chicken that I pulled from the freezer.  We had refried beans from the freezer as well.
  • We have swimming lessons late on Mondays so I always need a quick and easy meal to throw together when we get home.  I pulled out the chicken and beans from the freezer early in the day.  I made the guacamole, shredded the cheese and chopped the cilantro, lettuce and fruit before we went to swimming lessons.  When we got home I only had to heat the taco shells in the oven and warm the chicken and beans.  It took 10 minutes.  Being prepared on busy nights keeps us from swinging by fast food on our way home.


(totally forgot a picture this day)

  • We had a little bit of leftover chicken and beans.  I had a small taco salad and my husband had some of the chicken, a baked sweet potato, some quinoa and broccoli.
  • The kids had some Earth’s Best chicken nuggets, broccoli, quinoa and fruit.

***Baked Potatoes

what we ate

  • A few weeks ago I found a bag of organic potatoes on sale at Sprouts.  I feel like we’ve been rolling in potatoes ever since.  We’ve eaten more potatoes than usual recently.  I baked these potatoes in the oven and we topped them with a little butter, white cheddar, and chives.
  • My four year old was all over the potato skins.  I couldn’t believe it.  My 7 year old just ate the inside of the potato.
  • We had steamed green cauliflower and broccoli and fruit on the side.

***Bruschetta Chicken

what we ate

  • I love bruschetta!  So I decided to make a bruschetta topping and top some sautéed chicken with it.  It turned out delicious.
  • We had some brown rice and leftover steamed broccoli and cauliflower on the side.
  • Since this was something new I thought the boys would complain about the tomatoes.  Surprisingly, they didn’t.  My four year old ate the tomatoes along with his cut up chicken.  My 7year old just brushed the tomatoes to the side and went right along eating the chicken.  I didn’t even ask him to try the tomatoes.  Believe me, it’s a success that he ate the chicken without complaining, considering there were tomatoes with it.

***Frozen Pizza

what we ate

  • This day did not turn out as planned.  It was my son’s last day of Kindergarten and his dinner of choice was my homemade pizza and we had also planned to go out for ice cream.  Unfortunately, I got some sort of stomach bug and fever the night before and I could barely manage getting out of bed.  I was just as excited about homemade pizza and ice cream as he was so we were all disappointed.  Since my husband was going to our nephew’s high school graduation I asked him to just run and get a frozen pizza for the boys.  I let them watch Star Wars while they ate so they felt they were getting a little treat.  You will definitely be seeing homemade pizza on the menu soon!

***Chicken Noodle Soup

what we ate

  • Since my stomach was still not feeling 100% I knew this soup would be perfect.  I was so thankful to have some left in the freezer.
  • We ate this and then the boys ate watermelon, bananas, pistachios, and granola.  I seriously don’t know what I am going to do when they are teenagers.  We are going to be broke!

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    • I buy the Toufayan brand at Sprouts. I think I’ve heard they are at Kroger too. They are 100% whole wheat and only 5 ingredients. Not perfect but I have never made my own pitas before so they are going to have to work!

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