In my “What We Ate” posts each week I’ll share some of the recipes we ate for dinner the previous week. I love to get inspiration from what other families are eating so I thought it might be helpful to some of you. Please leave a comment if you have questions about any of these recipes. And if you know of a recipe that you think we might like please share it with me!

***Paninis made with whole wheat pita bread

what we ate

  • I made personalized panini sandwiches with whole wheat pita bread.  We had ham, cheese (mozzarella and cheddar), chicken, and pesto available and each of us picked our own combo.  We had broccoli and strawberries (not pictured) as well.

***Quinoa Patties

what we ate

  • I pulled some quinoa patties out of the freezer and cooked them for dinner.  I had mine on a salad and everyone else had theirs plain.  We had broccoli and strawberries as well.
  • Neither of the boys ate much tonight.  They usually like the quinoa patties but they only ate a little.  They did both eat their strawberries and broccoli though.  I saved their plates until later just in case they were hungry but neither asked for more.  I put the leftovers away to top lunch salads.


what we ate

  • Our church provided pizza for families that had to be there early to prep for VBS.  The kids and my husband had pizza.  I went ahead and brought my own dinner.  I just brought a pita sandwich with cheese, guacamole, and a slice of ham, plus some carrots.

***VBS, night 2

what we ate

  • I ate this at 4:45.  Scrambled eggs and chives on toast with avocado, plus a little homemade granola on the side.  This kept me full the entire night.  It’s really the perfect meal – plenty of protein, healthy fiber and healthy fats.  And it was no work.  I pulled the already cooked eggs out of the fridge and the granola out of the freezer.  I always make extras of everything.  Don’t waste your time by making one serving at a time.  Always double and triple to save time for future meals!!
  • My husband and kids had the sandwiches and chips provided by the church for the workers and their kids.  Since I wasn’t really sure if I’d have time to eat or what exactly they’d be having I decided to eat before we left.

***VBS, night 3

what we ate2

  • Last night of VBS!  I warmed up this burrito and ate it on the way at 5:00.  The boys and my husband had the Subway sandwiches and chips the church provided for the workers and their kids.

***Nachos made with some of my freezer friendly taco skillet and white cheddar

what we ate

  • This was one of those nights I felt like eating something “not so healthy”.  When I used to feel like that we’d go out to eat.  Now I just make a healthier version of something that feels like a “treat”.  That usually means homemade pizza, nachos, grilled cheese, etc.  Noticing a theme?  Yep, I love cheese!
  • I made these nachos with organic corn chips, some of the Taco Skillet from the freezer, and rbST free raw cheddar.  I served it with lettuce, guacamole, and salsa.  The taco skillet was really good on the nachos.  I probably used about 3/4 a cup of it underneath the cheese.  It added some veggies and extra protein to the nachos that made them more filling.

***Southwestern Quinoa Bowls

what we ate2 what we ate

  • I made a quinoa bowl “bar” since I knew my family would prefer to have everything separate.  I do this a lot.  And it really does help.  I made my bowl with lettuce, quinoa, black beans, corn, peppers, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, Cotija cheese, and dressing.  My husband ate most of his separately.  I’m really the only fan of food mixing at my house.  I could eat one bowl meals every night!
  • I make the dressing with lime juice, olive oil, a squeeze of honey, garlic powder and cumin.  It’s the perfect dressing for this type of salad.
  • In case you aren’t following me on Facebook, here’s what I shared about what the kids ate:
    • Tonight I made a Southwest Quinoa Bowl buffet for dinner. I knew that my boys would have a heart attack if they came to the table and found a big bowl of tons of colorful things all mixed together. So I decided to set it up as a bar. Plus, my husband isn’t as much of a food mixer as I am. So I knew this would make everyone happier.I put a few almond butter crackers on each of the boys’ plates and there were also strawberries on the table. We told them they could mix what they wanted and make a salad or keep it separate. They both chose a few things to put on their plate and kept it separate. But neither of them really love any of the salad ingredients I had on the table. I didn’t force or argue with them, just encouraged them to try a few things. They both took a few bites and then discovered the cheese on the table. So they ate some of that. Then they both said that they were done. They really weren’t very thrilled with the dinner. And I knew they probably wouldn’t be. I knew this would likely be a night they didn’t eat very much. And that’s ok. They won’t starve. Sometimes it’s a lot of what they love and other times it’s not.Then while waiting for the rest of us to finish, my seven year old says he wants a salad with spinach, cilantro, tomato and cheese. So I made that for him and he ate it! Then he asked for more! What?!?! My four year old followed his brother’s lead and had a little salad as well. I was completely shocked!This is a culmination of years of providing healthy choices, meal after meal, and encouraging them to try new things. I’ll be honest, I used to argue and get so frustrated. But the more I read and researched best practices when it comes to feeding kids I relaxed and it has made meal times so much better. I don’t force them to eat anything. We provide lots of choices, try to be good role models with our choices, and do lots of encouraging. Slowly but surely they are trying new things.

      If you have young kids and you are in the middle of difficult dinner times, don’t lose hope. Keep providing healthy choices and keep encouraging. Don’t make separate meals. (Though I do think it’s good to offer choices they like at each meal.) They will come around at some point if you are consistent. They might not try everything you make but they will start trying new things. Just give it time!

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