This is a very easy dish that could be made for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I started this recipe a few months ago when we tried out the quiche from one of my favorite recipe sites.  We all loved the crust but I didn’t love the texture of the egg and milk mixture.  I played around a little with it and found a combination of add-ins that we all really liked.  We went with a combination of bacon, spinach and swiss cheese.  I added some mushrooms to 1/4 of the quiche for me.  You can really add any meat, cheese and/or veggie that sounds good to you!

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When I started eating healthier a few years ago one of the first recipes I tried making homemade was pancakes.  Of course at that time I was making them with white flour and served them with regular table syrup (made with high fructose corn syrup and no maple syrup at all.)  I’ve since learned and ditched the white flour and processed syrups.  Over the years I’ve tried several different whole/multi-grain pancake recipes and found several that I love.  The last few months I’ve played around with the recipes, trying to make a version that has a little more protein and less sugar.  Finally, I’ve settled on these.  The whole family loves them and I feel good about serving them.  They have a nice little crunch due to the oats and coconut.  They are delicious drizzled with real maple syrup.

When I make pancakes I always like to make a big batch of the dry mix to save time the next time the kids want pancakes for breakfast.  This recipe makes enough for 3 batches of pancakes.  Tip:  don’t make this mix the morning you are planning to make pancakes.  Save time on those busy mornings and make the mix the night or afternoon before.

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