So I’ve decided to discontinue my “What We Ate” posts.  It was getting difficult to take a picture of our dinner every.single.night and most of the time the pictures were terrible anyway because I was trying to hurry.  Also, does anyone really care that we had leftovers or warmed up a burrito in the microwave?  I think not.  In the beginning, I wanted to share what we were eating to show that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean making a huge meal from scratch every night.  Sometimes we make something super simple and sometimes we simply have leftovers.  I wanted to share the reality of what a family eats on a nightly basis when eating out is not a regular part of the routine. I still plan to share some of what we are eating, just not on a daily basis.

Every couple of weeks I’ll share a recap of some of the things we’ve eaten (including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and treats), tips and tricks, random happenings, and links to relevant articles, blog posts, and books.  I’m a big reader and I have a passion for creating healthy family habits.  I’m constantly reading really great things about nutrition, feeding your family well, how to deal with picky kids, etc.  I’ll share some of those links in these posts for those that are interested.  And if you aren’t interested, just keep scrolling!

A Few Things We Ate:

Beef and Vegetable Soup
If you are looking to cut down on your meat consumption soup recipes are a great place to start.  When I made my beef and vegetable soup last week I doubled the veggies and broth but kept the meat amount the same.  I also added mushrooms to “beef” it up a bit.  It was still so delicious and I had plenty leftover for the freezer.  So instead of a meatless Monday meal we had a less-meat Monday meal.  🙂  When I serve this with crackers my boys eat it up!  I usually serve plenty of fruit on the side as well.

fun and food beef and veggie soup


Korean Grilled Chicken Breasts from Skinnytaste
I spotted this recipe on Instagram the other day and knew the whole family would love it.  It’s an Asian inspired grilled chicken recipe.  I marinated the meat for a few hours and then my husband cooked it on the grill.  I served it with brown rice and roasted veggies.  There were plenty of leftovers for dinner the next night.

korean chicken

The leftovers made the perfect topping to this Asian inspired salad.  I made a salad with mixed greens, cilantro, green onions, carrots, celery, red peppers, and sliced almonds.  I topped the salad with the chicken and some of Whole Food’s Carrot Ginger Miso dressing.

chicken salad


Foil Packet Dinner
I got this idea from my friend and it was a super delicious dinner!  I had some Aidells chicken sausage that I sliced up and then I chopped up several different types of veggies.  I set it all out and each family member made their own foil packets.  You can see from the four pictures below that we all did our own thing.  My husband’s was heavy on green beans, mine had a lot of peppers and onions, and the boys only put a few veggies in their packet.  We also had grilled corn on the cob.  I added 1 tsp olive oil (drizzled over the veggies) and salt and pepper to each packet, folded the foil up tight, and my husband grilled them for about 18 minutes.  The sausage added the perfect flavor to the veggies and they were super tender from the grilling.  We will definitely be making this (and other variations) again.  For 10 No Fuss Foil Packet Dinners go here. Lots of great ideas I want to try.

foil packets1

Veggies and sausage ready for assembly (left).  Ready to eat (right).

foil packets

Each family member customized their own packet.


Breakfast For Dinner: Cooking With My 7 Year Old
I’ve been trying to cook more with the kids this summer and one thing I really wanted to do was cook an entire meal with my 7 year old.  I let him plan the menu and he helped start to finish.  He chose whole wheat biscuits (from 100 Days of Real Food), eggs, bacon, and fruit.  It was fun for us both and I think he learned some new things. At one point he asked me the difference in the two flours we were using; it was the perfect opportunity for me to talk with him about whole grains vs. refined grains and why whole grains are better for you.  We actually made a double batch of biscuits so after dinner we had about 20 biscuits ready to freeze.  They will make a great week day breakfast option.

For the whole wheat biscuit recipe I actually subbed 1 1/3 cups white whole wheat flour + 2/3 cup all purpose in place of the 2 cups whole wheat flour.  I’ve made whole wheat biscuits before and they can be pretty tough.  I try to stick with whole wheat flour most of the time but some recipes just taste better with a little all purpose flour added in.



Birthday Fun
My youngest turned 5 this last week and I made some cupcakes for his birthday party. I bought this Immaculate Chocolate Cake baking mix at Kroger because I had a coupon and wanted to give it a try.  If you are looking to make a boxed cake mix or cupcakes this is a great option.  If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients in a box mix you’ve seen that it’s about 20 ingredients long.  The Immaculate Cake mix ingredients are:  sugar, wheat flour, cocoa powder, corn starch, salt and natural vanilla flavor.  That’s it.  I can handle that!

PicMonkey Collage

New Posts on The Blog
I recently added a new post to the blog.  In my What Healthy Eating Means To Me post I shared my personal definition of the term “healthy eating”.

what healthy eating means to me


And just for fun I started sharing some of my favorite things on the blog.  You can read the first two Friday Favorites here and here.


Link Love

Here are a few good articles I’ve read recently.

The Kind of Eater I Want My Kid To Be by Real Mom Nutrition

7 Eating Rules For Children That Need To Go Away by Just The Right Byte

Another Approach To Raising Healthy Eaters from The NY Times

Top Ten Feeding Mistakes Parents Make from 100 Days of Real Food

What I’m Reading

It’s Not About The Broccoli by Dina Rose
I am loving this book!  I’ll definitely share more about it once I finish but I think her advice is spot on and would be helpful to anyone wanting to improve their kids’ eating habits.


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