Peppermint and Dark Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks

I love to cook but that love does not extend to baking. I know many people look forward to the holidays because of all the yummy baking they get to do.  I am definitely not one of those people  Maybe it’s because after I bake I spend the next several days trying NOT to eat what I baked.  🙂  I much prefer to make simple sweets that don’t involve a lot of actual work.

These Peppermint and Dark Chocolate Pretzel Sticks are super easy and quick to make.  If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive treat to hand out to neighbors, teachers, and friends this is the perfect recipe for you.  I like to package these up in cute little bags and keep them at the front door to share with the mailman, UPS guy, our trash collectors, etc.

These are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, with a hint of peppermint.  My husband and kids gobbled them up.  I love them because they aren’t too sweet, like many of the desserts this time of year.


Made with just three ingredients, these are quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.

I made about 100 of the dipped pretzel sticks and had a ton of everything leftover.  I’m pretty sure I could have easily made 200 or more with one bag of chocolate chips, one bag of pretzels, and one box of candy canes.

dark chocolate pretzel sticks

Peppermint and Dark Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks
  • 1 box of mini candy canes or peppermints
  • 1 bag of chocolate chips (I used a combination of dark and semi-sweet)
  • 1 bag of pretzel sticks
  1. Melt the chocolate chips in a glass cup or jar by heating them in the microwave on 50% for several minutes. Stir every 30 seconds or so. Chocolate can burn very quickly once it starts to melt.
  2. Chop the peppermints or candy canes by putting them in a baggie and smashing them with a mallet. (I did this in batches to keep the bag from being too full.)
  3. Pour the peppermint pieces onto a piece of parchment paper.
  4. Dip the pretzel sticks into the melted chocolate and then roll them in the smashed peppermint.
  5. Lay them on parchment paper to harden.

dark chocolate peppermint sticks

treats for neighbors

Ready to hand out to neighbors, our mailman, UPS guy, and our trash collectors.

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