We are trying to do a few new things in our area this summer.  One of the things on our list was a visit to Great Wolf Lodge.  So this past week we spent a night there.  We had tons of fun and exhausted ourselves for sure!  We were there from Thursday at 1:00 until Friday at 4:00 and we spent the majority of our time at the water park.

I know most people want to take a complete break from cooking or planning for meals when they are on vacation.  And I think that’s good to do sometimes; it can be part of the fun.  I’m all about splurging and enjoying foods you don’t normally eat but sometimes I’d just rather try to stick to healthy eating even though I’m away from home.  Since I had the time Thursday morning I decided to go ahead and pack most of our meals.  I did this not only to save money but also so that we could still eat somewhat healthy while we were there.  I knew that we’d be really active the whole time and my kids do so much better when they don’t eat tons of junk.  Plus, we only stayed one night and traveled less than 30 minutes to get there.  So it really wasn’t inconvenient for us to bring our own foods.

If you are going to Great Wolf and don’t want to fall off your healthy eating plan, it can be done!  Just get yourself organized and pack some of your own food.  Disclaimer:  I really didn’t take the time to look into what they served in the restaurant area.  They might have had some really delicious and healthy choices.  But I have heard from others that their prices are really high.  I did check out what they had at the snack bar and in the little snack shop and I’ll be honest – there weren’t very many choices for those wanting to avoid junk food.  It was mostly things like burgers and chicken strips and fries, sweet drinks, and desserts.  But I did see a few salads and hummus and veggies.  So it wasn’t all bad.  I also looked into the large pizzas for dinner on Friday night and they looked to be the type of generic pizzas that sit in the warmer until you buy it.  If I’m going to eat that much bread and cheese I’d rather have the real deal!  I know that’s me being a pizza snob but I’m just being honest.  I’ve been too spoiled by all the delicious, gourmet pizza places in our area.

I packed all of our perishable food in a cooler with ice.  Once we were able to check into our room I just transferred it all to the fridge.  Then on Friday before we checked out I filled the cooler with ice and put what was leftover in the cooler.  The cooler stayed in the car until we got home Friday afternoon.  Everything was still cold because of the ice so no food went to waste.

Here is what I packed:  whole grain cereals, eggs (leftovers from breakfast the day before), organic apples, organic grapes, organic carrots, organic granola bars, organic applesauce, pretzels, organic corn chips, pistachios, and stuff for sandwiches (whole wheat pita bread, nitrate free turkey, organic cheese, and organic spinach).  Not pictured: lots of water.  I made sure to pack plenty of water so we didn’t end up paying $2.50 for a bottle of water.  I tried to pack a balance of healthy foods and fun snack foods for the kids.

Great Wolf

Thursday Meals:

Afternoon snack– water, granola bars and apple slices

Dinner – Chipotle

Chipotle is known for its quality ingredients and I love their food so it was a great choice for us for dinner. Our original plan was to buy a pizza at Great Wolf but they didn’t look that good to us and we were kind of wanting to get out for a bit anyway.  The kids had quesadillas, I had a burrito bowl and my husband had a burrito.   As a plus, I had half of my burrito bowl leftover for dinner the next night.  I love it when we can eat out and I get two meals out of it.

great wolf 5

Special treat – ice cream!  We went to the little snack shop at Great Wolf for ice cream cones.

great wolf 2

Friday Meals:

The boys actually slept until 7:30 Friday morning.  That’s pretty much a miracle!  They woke up and we snuggled a bit.  Then my husband ran down to Starbucks for coffee.  (He doesn’t go a day without his morning coffee.)  Meanwhile, I got our breakfast ready.  We were able to eat breakfast and make it down to the pool area when it opened at 9:00.

Breakfast– eggs warmed in the microwave, apple slices, cereal, water and milk (my husband grabbed some milk at the little shop for the boys’ cereal)

great wolf 4


Lunch– pita sandwiches with turkey, cheese and spinach, pretzels/chips, carrots, grapes, applesauce, apples, and water

great wolf 3

Afternoon snack – granola bars, apple slices, pretzels, grapes, carrots, and water

On the way home the boys finished off the bag of carrots and grapes.  All we had left when we got home were some pretzels, chips, cereal, turkey and pita pockets!

So there you have it!  Do you have any other tips and tricks for eating healthy and/or saving money at Great Wolf?

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. When our boys were young and we vacationed, we often took snacks and food along. Letting them eat too much junk can really disturb their tummies and ruin a fun time. Looks like some great ideas!

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