The other day I found some 1 pound bags of Great Northern beans on sale at Kroger.  I decided to buy a few bags and try them out in some white chicken chili.  Instead of using the several cans of beans called for in most recipes, I thought I’d try dried beans and cook them in the chili all day.  For this particular recipe I used some pre-cooked shredded chicken (from a rotisserie chicken) but you can use raw chicken breasts and cook them directly in the chili along with the beans. The inspiration for using dried beans in the chili came from this recipe.

The next time you want some chicken chili, save a few bucks and try using dried beans instead of canned!

slow cooker chicken chili


6 cups chicken broth (find out how to make your own chicken stock here)
1 onion, chopped
4-5 garlic cloves
1 medium or large bell pepper (I used green), chopped
1 lb dried great northern beans, rinsed and soaked over night
1 T cumin
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp chili powder
3-4 cups shredded chicken (or 1 – 1½ pounds raw chicken breasts)

white chicken chili

Beans Soaking Overnight


1.  The night before you plan to cook the soup rinse the beans, put them in a bowl and fill with water.  Make sure there is  plenty of water covering them because they will expand overnight.
2.  When you are ready to start the soup drain the water and rinse the beans.
3.  In a crockpot place the 6 cups broth, onion, garlic, bell pepper, beans, and spices.
4.  If you are using raw chicken go ahead and place the chicken in the slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients.
5.  Cook on low 8-9 hours.
6.  If you are using pre-cooked shredded chicken, add the chicken in the last 30 minutes so that the chicken is warmed through.  If you cooked the chicken in the soup pull it out, shred it with a fork, and then return it to the soup.
7.  Add salt to taste.  (The reason I don’t give an exact salt measurement here is because there will be varying amounts of salt in the broth depending on what type of broth you are using.)  But you will definitely need to add salt to give the soup plenty of flavor.
8.  Serve and add toppings.  {Toppings are what can take a simple chili and make it really tasty.  We like Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, green onions, avocado and corn chips with our chili.  Sour cream and crispy tortilla strips would be great too!}

This recipe makes about 8-10 servings

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