So I’ve decided to discontinue my “What We Ate” posts.  It was getting difficult to take a picture of our dinner every.single.night and most of the time the pictures were terrible anyway because I was trying to hurry.  Also, does anyone really care that we had leftovers or warmed up a burrito in the microwave?  I think not.  In the beginning, I wanted to share what we were eating to show that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean making a huge meal from scratch every night.  Sometimes we make something super simple and sometimes we simply have leftovers.  I wanted to share the reality of what a family eats on a nightly basis when eating out is not a regular part of the routine. I still plan to share some of what we are eating, just not on a daily basis.

Every couple of weeks I’ll share a recap of some of the things we’ve eaten (including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and treats), tips and tricks, random happenings, and links to relevant articles, blog posts, and books.  I’m a big reader and I have a passion for creating healthy family habits.  I’m constantly reading really great things about nutrition, feeding your family well, how to deal with picky kids, etc.  I’ll share some of those links in these posts for those that are interested.  And if you aren’t interested, just keep scrolling!

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