pesto grilled cheese with tomato and mozzarella

I love a good grilled cheese and so does the rest of my family.  When I need an easy meal that I know will make everyone happy (meaning no whining from the kids) I can always count on it to fit the bill.  I also love pesto.  A lot.  So imagine my happiness when I discovered the perfect grilled cheese combination that included pesto.  This grilled cheese made with pesto, mozzarella, and tomato is amazing.  It takes the traditional grilled cheese up a notch, for sure.  And since it has tomatoes it’s healthy, right?  Seriously though, just make it with whole grain bread and serve it with fruit, salad or another green veggie and you have a well balanced meal.  My kids love it and when I made it again this week they begged me for seconds.  Unfortunately, I was out of bread and pesto so they didn’t get seconds but I was so happy to know how much they liked it.  I diced the tomatoes for their sandwiches so they didn’t see huge scary pieces of tomato.  I notice that they tend to pull out big chunks of vegetables from things I make but if I cut them small they usually don’t complain as much.

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