two ways to save money and eat better when flying

We recently traveled to Florida to visit my brother and his family.  In order to stick with our healthy habits and save a little money I did two things:  First, we stuck with water and second, we brought our own meals with us to the airport.  I knew we would enjoy plenty of splurges while we were in Florida so I wanted to stick to our normal eating habits during travel.

Stick With Water  We bring our own refillable water bottles to the airport.  Just empty them out before you go through security and then refill them once you are inside.  Traveling can make for a long day and having your own refillable bottles will allow you to stay hydrated without spending money.

Bring Your Own Meals   When we flew over this past weekend our flight out was right in the middle of lunch and our flight back was right in the middle of dinner.  Instead of eating at the airport or eating fast food when we landed we decided to take our own food with us.  I packed our lunch before we left and kept it in a cooler until we got to the airport.  Once at the airport I took the food out of the cooler and put each person’s lunch in a brown paper sack and put it in our backpacks.  When it was time to fly back we made a trip to the store and made dinner at my brothers house before we left.  I didn’t have my cooler so I got a big baggie of ice and put the food in a bag with the ice during the drive to the airport.  Once at the airport I threw out the ice and put our dinners in our backpacks.  Sure, it took a few extra minutes and it’s not super convenient but if I’m going to eat the extra calories and/or eat junky food I’d rather eat something I really enjoy, not airport food.

Here’s what I packed:

-sandwiches with nitrate free turkey, cheddar cheese, avocado, and lettuce
-carrots and cucumber
-whole grain tortilla chips
-apples and applesauce pouches
-extra snacks:  pistachios and granola bars
-dark chocolate (we all need a little treat when we travel!)

Obviously, these are not the healthiest foods you can eat but they sure beat fast food!  And it’s cheaper too.

airplane food


What do you do to stick with healthy habits when you travel by plane?

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