In my “What We Ate” posts each week I’ll share some of the recipes we ate for dinner the previous week. I love to get inspiration from what other families are eating so I thought it might be helpful to some of you. Please leave a comment if you have questions about any of these recipes. And if you know of a recipe that you think we might like please share it with me!

***Veggie Patties (chicken nuggets for the kids)

what we ate

  • The adults had a veggie patty with rice and broccoli while the kids had chicken nuggets.  We keep their dinner small on Sunday nights because they snack at our church small group.

***One Pot Creamy Spinach Lentils from Pinch of Yum

what we ate

  • I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a while.  I love lentil soup and anything creamy so it seemed like the perfect combination.  Lentils are very good for you.  They are high in fiber and protein, making them a great meatless meal.  A few changes I made:  I subbed extra chicken broth for the white wine and used some fresh oregano instead of parsley (I used all my parsley for the falafel last week!)
  • I served it with crackers to make it more appealing to the kids.  We also had strawberries.
  • Everyone liked it.  The kids are used to eating lentil soup so it wasn’t anything too different for them.  I would probably cook it a little longer next time since a few of the larger potatoes were not as soft as I’d like.

***Mini Quiches

what we ate

  • We made mini quiches based off of my bacon and spinach quiche recipe.  I did add a little more egg and milk mixture and we ended up with 24 mini quiches.  We ate about half of them for dinner and I saved the rest to freeze for breakfast.  Toppings included:  bacon, spinach, cheese, tomatoes, and sweet potato.  I let the boys make their own and was surprised and proud that they each put one piece of tomato and sweet potato in each of their quiches.  I put a little spinach in all of them.  Everyone loved them.
  • I served these with some baked sweet potato and strawberries on the side.

***Leftover Creamy Spinach Lentils (see picture above)

  • These weren’t quite as good leftover but everyone still ate it without complaining.  I served them with crackers and some pineapple on the side.

***Appetizer Dinner

  • I had a ladies night out at my house and we had lots of fresh veggies, crackers, cheese, hummus, chicken salad, strawberries and chips and salsa.  It was all so yummy!
  • The kids and my husband had crackers, cheese, ham and fruit before they left to go play at the park and get ice-cream.

***Birthday Dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizza

what we ate

  • My favorite pizza place has a seasonal Bruschetta pizza that I am totally in love with.  It’s made with olive oil, four cheeses, tomatoes, basil and tons of garlic.  I seriously sit there and eat it and say, “oh my goodness, this is so good,” between every bite.  It’s so nice to eat out without the kids every once in a while and just enjoy the company of my husband and good food.  I’ve become a bit of a pizza snob over the past few years.  If I’m going to indulge in pizza I’d rather not waste the calories and money on cheap pizza.  I’d rather spend a little more and get a more authentic pizza made with fresh ingredients.  During dinner I told my husband that eating out now is so much more enjoyable because we only do it for special occasions or if we are meeting friends.  And since we don’t do it very often we are able to go places that serve better food even though they may be a little more expensive.
  • We topped off the night with ice cream.

***Crockpot Fiesta Chicken

what we ate

  • There was an enchilada recipe I was interested in trying but after reading over the method and ingredients I decided to come up with something a little different with my own twist.  So I came up with this Fiesta Chicken recipe that I envisioned being multi-purpse.  It can be used as a hard or soft taco filling, topping for nachos, filling for burritos or enchiladas, or in a taco salad.
  • It’s basically chicken breasts, black beans, corn, salsa and taco seasoning spices cooked in the slow cooker.
  • I had some corn and flour tortillas in the freezer so I pulled out a little bit of each for soft tacos.  I served it with lettuce, cheese, avocado and cilantro.  We also had chips and salsa on the side.




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